Photoshop courses

Two new Photoshop courses comes to Loundsley Green!

Photoshop for Beginners
To provide an introduction to the use of digital image editing using Photoshop. To improve confidence using ICT and to increase overall creativity.
6 weeks course, 2 hour sessions.
Based on 7 students minimum the cost will be £55

Course content:

  • In this course we will locate and open the software.
  • Find and open images, save images in a different format.
  • Save in a new folder and on a memory stick.
  • Identify Photoshop’s workspace and palettes.
  • Create your own work space.
  • Use the zoom and navigator tools.
  • Use selection tools.
  • Take a look at layers.
  • Repair a photograph.
  • Colour a black and white image.
  • Improve tonal quality.
  • Remove distracting objects, marks.
  • Use creative filters.
  • Sharpen a image.

Developing Photoshop
A continuation for students who have completed the beginners course, or are confident using the basic tools and multiple layers. Have access to software at home 6 weeks course, 2 hour sessions.

Course content:

  • In this course we will look more in depth at hand colouring a scanned image or drawing.
  • Create your own colour palette.
  • Clipping type to image.
  • Photo merge.
  • Work with brushes.
  • Work more with Layers, Modes.
  • Smart objects.
  • Channels.
  • Refine edges.
  • Create a dramatic black and white image.
  • Prepare a image for the web.
  • Rescale images.
  • Create montages.

To book or for more information, contact David at or call 07792 202 422.

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