Food Bank

Chesterfield Food Bank has been created in response to a clear need within our community – people who need emergency food to tide them over until government services can provide help.  It has initially launched with two distribution locations: Loundsley Green and the town centre.  Loundsley Green Community Centre is the food bank distribution location which will cover the west of Chesterfield. For this centre, the Loundsley Green Community Trust are proud to be partnering with the Order of the Black Sheep church, the Loundsley Green church and other local organisations in the creation of this much needed new service for our community. The Order of the Black Sheep are managing the Food Bank service across the whole of Chesterfield.

How the Food Bank works

The scheme uses the Trussell Trust framework and has been created in partnership between the Community Trust and local churches for the good of the community.  Food is donated by businesses, organisations and individuals, and gathered at volunteer-run collection day. After sorting by volunteers it is then stored until required.  Those in need are given food bank vouchers via an official referral (e.g. job centre, benefits agency, doctors, social workers), which can be used by food bank clients to receive their food.

We welcome offers of volunteering help to run the food bank or help to staff food collection events. Please contact us at

Note that if you need emergency help, we cannot give assistance without a referral from a participating agency or charity. Information on the participating organisations who can provide referrals can be obtained from .

When does it operate?

The food bank in Loundsley Green has been running weekly on a Friday afternoon since July 2013.  Training will be provided for those who wish to volunteer.


We would also ask members of the local community to donate spare food for those in need if they can afford to bring a spare few tins to an activity or event in the centre.  We supply a clearly marked box just inside the front doors to take donations. You can see a list of suitable food for the balanced diet scheme here.

More information

More information on the food bank in Chesterfield can be found on its own official web site at


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